...all omelettes include home fries & toast
Cheese Omelettes ... $6.75
Ham & Cheese ... $7.95
Mushroom & Cheese ... $8.25
Western (Ham, Onion & Green Pepper) ... $7.50
Western & Cheese (Ham, Onion & Green Pepper) ... $8.50
Greek (spinach, tomato, & Feta Cheese) ... $8.50
Veggie (tomato, mushrooms, spinach and Cheddar Cheese ... $8.50

Our thick Belgian waffle served with syrup and butter ... $6.25
Smothered Waffle - our thick Belgian waffle covered with homemade creamy chipped beef ... $7.95
Whole Wheat Waffle - same thick waffle made with a whole wheat batter, and served topped
with your choice of bananas, strawberries or blueberries ... $7.95

Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Pancakes ... $6.95
Whole Wheat Pancakes - served with our homemade strawberry butter
and a side of freshly sliced strawberries ... $7.95
Ricotta Cheese Pancakes-our buttermilk pancakes with ricotta
and lemon infused in the batter ... $7.25
Three Pancakes and Two Eggs ... $8.50
Three Buttermilk Pancakes ... $6.25

Challah French Toast
a specialty of the house for over 40 years. Two thick slices of
Jewish egg bread ... $6.25
Macadamia Nut French Toast
our Challah bread topped with a delicious blend of
melted butter, brown sugar, and toasted macadamia nuts served with syrup ... $7.50
Cinnamon Raisin Challah French Toast
a tasty way to start the day ... $6.75

The Hangover
The "original" Hangover is a plated layered with home fried potatoes,
American cheese, creamy chipped beef and topped with an over light egg.
Toast on the Side … $8.50    mini Hanover … $5.50

The Greek
same at the original but we will top it with feta cheese, spinach and tomatoes … $9.25
The Cajun
same as the original, but we add pepper jack cheese and Andouille sausage … $9.25
The Italian
the same as the original, but this time we've add mozzarella cheese and homemade
Italian sausage … $9.25

Lighter Side
Beach Quickie
A cup of homemade oatmeal OR cold cereal, served with banana and your choice of a fresh muffin, bagel or English muffin … $6.50

Good Morning Sunday
A parfait filled with layers of creamy vanilla yogurt, granola and your choice of sliced bananas, strawberries or blueberries … $5.50
Totally Fresh Fruit Cup … $5.75
Half Cantaloupe … $3.50
Fresh Bakes Muffins ... $2.75
Bagel with Cream Cheese … $3.50
Cold Cereal … $3.50
Hot Oatmeal Cup ... $2.75 Bowl … $4.25